Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bella Brightens our Life!

About 8 days ago, my husband and I adopted our darling little Tinker BELLA (formerly known as Fieval) from Hopalong. She has been such a welcome addition to our family of two older dogs, a beagle and a Jack Russell terrier. She seems to have limitless energy and engages with everyone for playtime. As you can see by her picture, she appears to be a border terrier and possibly some schnauzer. We also have two Siberian Huskies (grand-dogs) that come to visit often:, so we were a little nervous about how Bella would be around them. She weighs 8 pounds while the Huskies are 50-60 pounds each. No problem there---the younger huskie just adores her and she actually wears him out with their play!
Last Sunday, I got brave and took the 5 dogs to the Fremont Dog Park---because it has the astro-turf surface I figured that they wouldn't get so muddy from all the recent rain. It seemed like all of the Fremont dog lovers decided the same thing, so the park was crowded. Once I turned Bella loose, she got busy "herding" all those big dogs and chasing them all over the place. She is fearless !
Bella is also very intelligent. She has learned so many tricks and is pretty much house-trained (it helps that we have dog doors for her to use anytime).
I can't thank Hopalong rescue enough for their care and support and a special thank you to the foster mom who did a fantastic job with her! I will happily tell everyone I know about the rescue and I'm sure we will be back to adopt in the future. Linda & Ed Sowell of San Leandro