Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Tail

almost a month now ;-D
so a update on Jupiter

like my post below, he went to the vet and is now on "the pill" .

he has met several of the furry guys in the park and very social
ok one big dog ( illegal for the park) came through a screen door an we had a long hard talk and won't happen again, but Jupiter was totally safe !
he is slowly learning i am not the big boogie man ;-DD
and this is a short (35 sec) video of him in the back yard today !

so probably the last post as all is going well here, no problems at all
still too fast to use the front door,, but will come on command and a treat) heheheh

and loves long walks in the rain and cold windy weather ( i don't) but i do get my exercise ;-DD

Clink on this link to see a 35 sec of jupiter showing off ;-D