Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why You Should Adopt an Adult Cat

Adult cats are often diffiult for rescue orgainzations to adopt out because most people want kittens. I'll admit that kittens are cute and cuddly, and that they are always good for a laugh; but there are many wonderful and loving adult cats that need great homes too. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adopting an adult cat.

1) Adult cats are less destructive Adult cats are often more relaxed and easy going than kittens. They don't have as much energy as kittens either. While it is common to find kittens on top of your lamps and climbing your curtains, adult cats are more content sleeping in the window and watching the birds fly by.

2) Adult cats are litter boxed trained Many kittens will go through phases where they will need to confined to teach them how to properly use the litter box. Adult cats have been using the litter box properly for years. They are more likely to use covered litter box containers which cuts down on the mess and the smell. THey are also less likely to use the litter box as a play pen or a sleeping spot.

3) Adult cats have better sleeping patterns Ask any kitten foster what they miss out on most when fostering a litter, and the answer is almost always SLEEP. Kittens are awake all hours of the night and often crash hard just when you are ready to play, but adult cats are more likely to sleep through the night. They are also more likely to cuddle up next to you on the couch for the mid-afternoon nap!

4) What you see is what you get when it comes to adult cats Many people think that by adopting a kitten that they can shape and mold the kitten's personality to match the needs of the family. But this is seldom the case. Just like parents can't force their teeneagers to have a specific personality, neither can adopters force their kittens to have one either. If you adopt an easy going, sweet adult cat, you will have an easy going sweet adult cat for years and years to come.

5) Adult cats are often cheaper in the long run When you adopt an adult cat, you are most likely getting an animal that is already spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, tested for FeLV/FIV and microchipped. After you pay the intial adoption fee, there is very little medical costs for the next full year. However, when you adopt a kitten, most often it will be necessary to have more vaccines as they require a series of shots over a period of a few months. On top of the shots, you might have make vet appointments for sterilization, and you may have to pay for a combo test yourself.

Like I said earlier, kittens are fun, but all kittens turn into adult cats after a few months anyway. Why not adopt an adult cat to start with - it will save you much frustration, and could possibly save your couch and curtains!