Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tales From A Kitten Foster

On Dec. 8th I got an email from Hopalong asking if I would be willing to foster another litter. My last litter had left for adoption just the day before and it seemed a little too quiet at home so, why not? Everyone at Hopalong knows that I always say yes. I can't resist kittens.

The next day I got 3 beautiful females and, within a few days, I also got their 3 brothers. The reason I call them my "literary litter" is because they are all named for famous writers: Shakespeare, Chaucer, Steinbeck, Lee, Dickens, and Irving. Very fitting names for such smart little kittens.

I was able to keep them for a month and I enjoyed (almost) every moment with them. They were all so sweet, affectionate, and comical and they always made me smile. My adult cats also enjoy having the kittens. My 2 year old cat loves to play with them. Two of his favorite games are "Whack a Mole" and "Chase me, chase you". My female cat mothers them by cleaning and cuddling them. She instantly accepts every litter I foster and she really seems to enjoy her job.

I am happy to say that all of the "Literary Kittens" have been adopted into loving homes. Now, I wonder when Hopalong will call about my next babies......

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please fill out an application