Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pearl Found a Home

Pearl, a beautiful white lab/shepherd, has been with HAR since the winter of '08. She came to us through a joint rescue effort to help with a horder situation in Gabbs, Nevada. There were 58 dogs living in deplorable conditions after their owner died when a neighboring racher contacted the Nevada Humane Society. To help ease them of this huge burden, HSUS EARS and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary were able to trasport some of these animals to Contra Costa Animal Services in Martinez.

Hopalong/Second Chance took in Pearl and Pawl (a sweet, 6 year old, black lab boy). Once here, they were seen by a vet where it was determined that pearl had a severe heart murmer and was deaf. After some time in a foster home, it was also apparent that she was also almost blind. Pearl was clearly a special needs dog and it would take just the right owner to care for this girl.

Here at HAR, we believed that the perfect home was out there, and we kept our fingers crossed that one day we would get a call asking about Pearl. And, recently, we did.

Pearl, now Zuma, was adopted into a quiet household with another dog - Enzo, a 7 year old black chepherd mix. The family reports that Enzo has taken the big brother role quite seriously and is teaching her the ropes on their daily walks. Zuma is even getting trips to Point Isabel where she is getting to meet other dog friends and gets to visit with her foster family.

Zuma's new family says " My husband and I are very thankful for [the fosters'] dedication to this special dog, and that the timing worked out for us to be the lucky ones to give her her forever home"