Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Crafty came to us from a shelter that we don't visit very often for dogs - the Hayward Animal shelter. HAS has a wonderful group of volunteers and rescue groups that help out weekly to ensure that the most adoptable animals find great new homes. We help out when we are needed with the dogs, but our help is most needed for the cats.

One day while visiting the shelter looking for some cats/kittens, I came across two 3 month old pit bull puppies. They were everything that you would expect from the breed: they were happy and active with goofy personalitites - plus they were just adorable. After spending some time with them, I knew that they would be perfect for our program. I brough them back to the office and everyone here fell in love with them too- we even had some staff members fostering them for awhile!

Crafty and Spring were spayed and Neutered; they were also vaccinated and given microchips - we don't take any chances with our babies! Eventually they went into "regular" foster homes where they were taugh basic manners and attended some obedience classes. They started going to mobile adoption events where they were the stars of the show.

Crafty was eventually adopted from our website, but his sister spring is still available for adoption. So if you know anyone who is interested. . .

Have them fill out an application