Thursday, May 24, 2012

Linus ("Bernie") the Happy Cat

We met our kitten (originally christened Bernie) at Your Basic Bird back in October; although we'd been talking about getting a cat for some time, when we walked into the store that day and asked for a chance to pat him, the decision was made :) We were told he'd been placed in the store that weekend, with his sister, and both kittens were adopted within a week. Although we never met "Sister" (don't even know what her name would have been), we hope that her family's as happy with her as we are with our little guy!
We re-christened him Linus due to his penchant for hiding under blankets (and most anything else he can find). Six months later, he's HUGE (over 9 pounds and still growing), a leaper and explorer (there isn't a horizontal spot in our small apartment that hasn't had kitty footprints on it), and a definite cuddlebug (he slept with us his first night home, and has continued to do so every single night since). While he loves his kitten toys -- paper balls, stuffed animals to kill and most of all the fishing toys like String and Ribbon -- my husband and I remain his favorite items in the house (and he usually doesn't even maul us too badly :))
We are very happy to have Linus as part of our family, and remain grateful to Hopalong and whoever the kind fosters were that took in Linus/Bernie and his family last year :)