Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pepe and Mattie

Our family adopted Pepe from Hopalong in September. When our beloved Noche, a lab who we had adopted from Hopalong nine years ago died, our son convinced us it was the right time to get a puppy because both my husband and myself were not working for the next few months and it was a good time to have a puppy at home. Although we were sad, we decided to go ahead and went straight to Hopalong because we knew they were a great organization. We saw a photo of Pepe on the Hopalong website along with his five brothers and sisters. We were lucky to get the last puppy left in the litter.

Pepe is a black and white Pointer mix and now about 3.5 months old. His spots make him the cutest fellow with a Buddha spot on his head and one black eye and and one black ear. He is a bundle of joyous energy. A quick learner, Pepe loves to play and has us always laughing. We gave him the name of the famous cartoon skunk because he is Black and White and so affectionate. No worries- he does not smell like a skunk!

When we saw Pepe, we also saw a litter of cattle dogs posted on the web and told our friend Martha. She had been looking for a puppy for awhile. She adopted Mattie who is an almost six-month old and they now have play dates. Pepe, true to his name is a love bug and a bugger! Maddy is much mellower and when they play together it is hilarious. Pepe loves to crash into Mattie with his shoulder and somersault over onto his back. She stands there watching while he zooms around and tries to pounce on her. She's not having any of it, and shoves him back. It's great fun!
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