Saturday, July 23, 2011


Our family adopted Indigo about six weeks ago, and its already hard for us to remember our lives before we had this cuddly little guy. We all smile and laugh a lot more than we used to, and there is a lot more hugging and wet, slobbery kisses.

Indy is very smart and was basically house trained when we got him at 11 months old, and he took to his doggy door immediately. He has also learned to sit, and to walk on a leash without pulling, and he is progressing well on learning to come "here" and to lie down. We are working one on one with a trainer, because Indy did show some aggression after he'd settled into the house for a couple of weeks, which came as a surprise to us -- that such an adorable, affectionate and fluffy pup could cop big dog attitude! He is doing much better now that we all have clearer rules to follow, however, and he has always been very friendly with other dogs and when meeting new people.

We just got back from a few days' vacation in Bolinas, where we discovered that Indy's ideal life is as a beach bum. He loved playing chase with the waves and digging in the sand and running in a pack with all the big dogs off leash. When we came back and went through our photos, we realized that we'd basically forgotten to take any of our daughters -- our new little boy is hogging all the attention! But the girls definitely don't mind -- everything we do together is more fun with Indy along -- he reminds us that when work is done its time to play.

Thanks, Hopalong!