Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A new kitten

I had been thinking about adopting a kitten. Already having two cats I knew it might not be an easy task to find another cat to fit in with two established cats. I saw some kittens for adoption through Hopalong at a pet store one night. I asked to visit with the kittens not thinking I'd find one to take home. To my surprise the very first kitten I met was a friendly little guy. He had a perfect balance of friendly and playfulness and he was brave which I knew he would need coming into a home with two adult cats. After visiting with all the kittens I went back to the very first one and I knew he'd be perfect.

I filled out the paperwork and got a call the next day saying he was mine to adopt! I went after work and picked him up. I brought him home and he quickly settled in with the new cats. His foster name was Bee (which I still call him sometimes) but I changed his name to Bowie. It's been almost two weeks and Bowie is getting along great with by other two cats. He was indeed the perfect choice for my other two kitties.

I was surprised to hear that black cats aren't adopted as much as others. Bowie is a very friendly kitten, he's very playful but loves lots of lap and cuddle time with me and the other cats. He settled right in with me the other cats and I can't imagine not having taken him home and hope that other people can find that black cats can be just as wonderful as any other cat.

Thanks, Lauren