Monday, July 12, 2010

Lucky us!!!

In April, 2010, our beloved lab mix, age 13, passed away, leaving her best buddy bereft and lonely for canine companionship. We waited about a month to let Rowdy - our dachsund/chihuahua - move through his grief (and ours) before vigorously searching for a second dog. We sent to local shelters, but became discouraged when each prospective adoptee had several holds, up to 9, and we knew the chances were small that so many ahead of us would fail to adopt. We found Hopalong online and decided to pursue one of the pups in the 9-week old litter of Border Collie/German Shepherd mixes. We brought Rowdy with us, and though it wasn't love at first sight between them, my husband, David, and I instantly warmed to the puppy who was frisky and calm in turns, cuddly and adorable.

After a week, we felt that the connection between the two dogs was not a good one and thought to bring the puppy back. Rowdy wanted nothing to do with her, rejected all her efforts to play and engage. Like a miracle, the night before we were to bring her back, the two began playing, wrestling, kissing, licking, chasing each other as though they knew it was their last chance to demonstrate the rightness of the new family member in our home.

Maggie, the pup, has become a loving and lovable member of our family, learning how to accommodate us as we learn to accommodate her. We take her to puppy training classes, do a lot at home, and find her so intelligent and wanting to please. With only one more shot needed, we are able to take her to our favorite beaches, trails and fields. We feel so lucky to have found her and she demonstrates her gratitude and happiness constantly. It's exciting to witness her growth and development. At 4 months, she is everything we had hoped for. Thank you, Hopalong, for bestowing this blessing in our lives.