Sunday, May 16, 2010


Note from a recent adopter: "We adopted Christopher, a 10 month old orange tabby two weeks ago. He is our second cat from Hopalong. We adopted Frankie (now Frank) 7 years ago. Both kittens were in the window @ Your Basic Bird. They also had the same foster Mom (thank you Liz D.) which warmed our hearts.

After a week of negotiation between the two cats, we settled into a routine of sorts. We changed Christoper's name to "Julius", gave him his new name tag and collar and let him have the run of the place. He now sleeps in our bed or on the window seat or on the chair or on the sofa (you see how this goes).

We are very thankful for such wonderfully well socialized cats and for Hopalong's great work.

Keep up the good work!"