Friday, April 9, 2010

Introducing Ms Farrah Fawcett

I didn't expect to fall in love with Farrah. I mean, I knew - as a new foster - that I would love whatever dog came into my home, but I was also looking forward to getting to have friendships with pups that would go out into the world. Also - I'm a senior, crotchety dachshund kind of person - this chihuahua/jack russell/fox terrier un-toilet trained 6mo old couldn't be the one to captivate my heart could she?

But Farrah didn't live up to her breed stereotype - she was quiet when I picked her up from Hopalong but quickly gave her trust to me and fell asleep in my lap on the long drive over the bay bridge. Me and my friend desperately scrambled to rename her - under the threat of my housemate suggesting the name 'Cordelia' - no, no - she was too young and sweet and flirty - Farrah Fawcett she was dubbed before we exited the highway.

I was warned that she would take a while to make friends - seperated from her two brothers - she'd been in the shelter by herself. However, Farrah it quickly became apparent - was a social butterfly! She was enthusiastic but courteous to everyone she met - even the downstairs cat! Everyone was captivated by her - and kept asking me if I was going to adopt. I admitted she was the cutest pup I'd ever met but was holding out in my heart. After all, if you adopt you can save one dog but fostering you can help many more!

However I dreamed of Farrah every night, tucked underneath my arm - together we adventured in a dream scape. Unconsciously I sorted through all the things in my life I could shift to make this work - to make her permanently mine. I tried to imagine not coming home to her, not sleeping next to her and the sadness I felt was not about not having a dog companion but about not having her. In a couple weeks I'd become so attached to her, all her funny noises and manic evening periods, the way she climbed up me in excitement when I got home, the feel of her head flopped over my arm to sleep.

When I took her in for her parvo shot I knew I wanted to adopt her - but I felt so nervous. I was a failure as a foster parent! A sucker on my first go! The Hopalong team made sure that I understood what a commitment this was, after all the difference between 2 weeks and 15ish years is a whole lot. But I knew I was in love and wanted Farrah to be mine forever.

A week later I signed the adoption papers and I'm so happy I did so. I'm so thankful to Hopalong for introducing me to Farrah - and I hope that other people will step in to become foster parents and maybe meet their own life companion!