Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lemon - Remember this Little One?

Despite facilitating the adoptions of over 1000 animals each year, we somehow find ourselves falling in love with each and every one of them. A particularly special bunch was Remy and her puppies. Remy came to us back in April from the Oakland Animal Shelter with 8 puppies - and they were all just as cute as can be. Naturally we were thrilled when we got this email from her fosters earlier this month:

When our dog of 11 years died, we were devastated. We went back and forth whether we wanted to get another dog for three years. We began to look on the Internet at the rescues and shelters. We found so many animals needed homes, and decided we would get a puppy from a shelter/rescue. We looked for a long time, and finally saw a litter of puppies on Hopalong, and knew that we wanted one. We applied, and they called us back right away. After reviewing our application, checking with our vet, we were approved to adopt. They recommended a certain puppy out of the litter for us (Lemon), one they thought would fit in with our family. We went to meet the puppies, and fell in love with Lemon right away. She was the runt, and very timid. We've had her six months now, and she is better than we ever hoped for. We get so many compliments on her, and on how Hopalong did a great job matching her up with us. She was clean, well-taken care of, and very sweet. We could tell her foster family also did a great job with her. We can't say enough good things about Hopalong and the people who work there!

We were even more thrilled when we got this picture to go with it

Lemon (now Cali) and her big brother taz!